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Living Mandarin

Business Mandarin

Youth Mandarin

Face-to face mandarin course

Online mandarin course

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Variety of Chinese course, learn anywhere!

Advanced teaching methods

Task-based LanguageTeaching

Each lesson has a specific teaching task with a clear theme and good effect.

Communicative approach

To enable you to acquire sufficient communicative competence to acquire Chinese knowledge and communicative competence through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Immersion teaching

Teaching in Chinese maximizes your immersion in a pure Chinese environment.

Professional team of teachers

All teachers have received professional training to provide you

with the  quality Chinese class.

Teachers are divided into primary teachers, intermediate teachers, senior teachers, you can choose the suitable teachers according to your own needs.

Intermediate and above teachers have CTCSOL certificates. (Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages)

The teachers have many years of teaching experience.

Flexible and varied courses

You can choose between traditional classroom teaching and online learning.

Visualize and track your learning progress.

We offer group courses, private courses; Survival Chinese, HSK,Business Chinese, Youth Chinese and other types of Chinese courses.

Rich and diversified thematic cultural activities

· Traditional cultural activities: paper cutting, tai Chi, calligraphy, etc

· Chinese Corner, language association, study tour

· Not only experience Oriental culture, but also make friends from all over the world

Immerse yourself in Shanghai's history

Immerse yourself in Shanghai's history

Beautiful and comfortable campus environment

Five minutes from downtown subway station

You can learn anywhere: in class, at work or online

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